Imagine a world where you're inspired and you're at your best.

Let me help you become the best version of yourself. My name is Eric Fiolet and I am an experienced and certified life and career coach based in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Since 2003, I have coached hunderds of people from all walks of life towards happier lives. I help my clients navigate through major life challenges and offer wisdom and guidance with career and personal questions.

My life coaching is always dynamic and customised to meet you where you are at. Is my coaching strategy for you? Yes, if you want to:

  • Discover who you are and what you’re here for
  • Become the best version of yourself
  • Lead an authentic, happy and purposeful life
  • Overcome career, relationship, or personal life challenges
  • Identify and remove blocks and limitations that keep you away from happiness
  • Invite passion, purpose, and peace into your life
  • Get out of your comfort zone and face your fears
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“Eric is a calm and honest coach. He is sincerely curious about you as a person. Together, he helps you to find out where you want to go/what (learning) goals you have and how to get there.

Eric asks critical questions to make you think. I think Eric is a pleasant coach and would definitely recommend him.”

Simone Van Den Akker

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“The sessions with Eric happened during a defining moment of my professional career where I’ve found myself in a state of imbalance. Through pertinent questions, Eric triggers a thought process focused on one’s priorities and manages to discern rather quickly what were the causes of the imbalance. I felt always comfortable with Eric – which is the #1 indicator for me – and would recommend him 100% to anyone in the midst of changing moments or who is seeking more clarity when making important decisions.

Mário Sousa

Professional experience

In 2019 I started to work as a professional life and career coach.
Over the past ten years I have held various (senior) management positions in retail and corporate business. 

In 2018 I completed the fully ICF accredited Co-Active Coaching® course and joined the professional association NOBCO and Coachfinder by Psychologie Magazine.

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“I had a beautiful coaching experience with Eric. Eric managed to open unopened drawers and fostered my introspection in a way that no one else was able to so far.

After my coaching journey with Eric, I am confident to say that I know myself better and I feel more empowered to undertake some of the changes that will help me to progress. Very recommended for anyone wanting to receive a coaching that is straightforward, tactful, engaging, professional and completely focused on organically finding the best path as well as course of actions to be a better version of yourself.

Fabrizio Citto

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“Eric was supporting me as my coach when I was about to take a big step in my career. During our conversations I felt able to completely open in our sessions. That was extremely important to me. We were able to discuss everything that came up.

As a coach, Eric is incredibly understanding and empathetic and is able to challenge you to take the steps you need to progress yourself. A beautiful and powerful combination!”

Lineke Pool-van Beek

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About Coach Eric

Hi! My name is Eric. As a certified lifecoach and career coach I have worked with hundreds of people from all over the world, helping them to be, feel, perform and live better. Working with my clients I am honoured to see their lives change internally and also externally, beyond recognition.

I am living in Amersfoort (The Netherlands) together with my wife and two beautiful daughters. By nature I am a positive and optimistic person and for a long time I felt like I was fully in control about my life. In my end-twenties, I hit rock bottom and couldn’t continue. And despite the fact that I had been confronted with the loss of loved ones many years before, this time it felt different. I was temporarily unable to work, relax or sleep and ended up in a dark, vicious circle. I decided something had to change. I did not know how or what, but I was going to transform my life. The dark side of life taught me I was so much stronger than I knew. Powerful coaching questions, self-reflection, books and time made me feel much better. Better than ever!

Today, I work as a trained and certified coach with clients from all over the world who feel stuck, unable to change patterns of behavior or move forward with issues and problems.

Coaching in person or online will help you reach full potential. Experience learns we need between five to nine sessions to gain more insights about yourself and to achieve your goals.

Work with me

Trial session

  • Let's meet
  • Experience coaching
  • In person or online
Most trial sessions take about 30 minutes


  • Life- or careercoaching
  • 5x 1 hour session
  • Personality test
  • In person or online
Incl. 21% VAT for individuals


  • Life- or careercoaching
  • 7x 1 hour session
  • Personality test
  • In person or online
  • More than €50 discount
Incl. 21% VAT for individuals
Most popular


  • Life- or careercoaching​
  • 9x 1 hour session​
  • Personality test
  • In person or online​
  • Written report per session
  • More than €130 discount​
Incl. 21% VAT for individuals​
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“Eric was the first person in a long time to see the potential I have to offer. Help me through the final stages with my employer of 29 years and now assisting me on moving on and offer my service and experience to another origination that will appreciate me!”

Paul da Graça

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“The coaching sessions with Eric were fantastic. He listened carefully and was thinking along with me. Helped me see opportunities instead of obstacles.

Made me believe in myself again.”

Fedra van Rossen

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Let's meet!

During our free trial session, I’ll listen to you deeply. We’ll clarify what support you are looking for and discuss how you can shift from wherever you are now, to where you want to be; also how you can achieve your goals. This applies to your business and/or your personal life. You’ll also have a chance to ask questions and I’ll explain to you how I work.